Our History

Josue Rosenzweig, was the founder of the JV with Hasbro, from 1994 to 2003, where the brand was introduced in Latin America, opening offices in Chile, Argentina, Peru and Miami.
Then he founded Smart Chistmas Solutions (SCS) a company that was dedicated to the Christmas products business and in 2006 he restarted with the toy business.

In 2020, he started the idea of ​​forming United Smile, with his son Gerardo.

The license of True & the Rainbow Kingdom was negotiated with Guru studios, until aug 2020.

October 2020, starts the PD of the line.

January 2021 the presentation of the line begins and different distribution agreements are closed

September 2021 starts shipping.


  • 1994
    JV Company with Hasbro

    Hasbro did not have a significant presence in Latam, so the Joint venture was established; with offices in Chile and Peru initially, after expanding to Argentina and an office in Miami to cover Central America, Panama, Venezuela, Colombia and Ecuador

  • 2020
    Negotiation with Guru Studio.

    True and the rainbow kingdom, it caught my attention since I saw it. Given that 2020 was a very special year due to the pandemic, the negotiation took time, until we could agree on the terms that were good for the study and for us.

  • 2020
    Product develop start.

    We start with the development of the line, from scratch. We proposed a shape of the line to the study, then all the designs were made in 2D; quotation of factories, hand samples in 3D; and we begin the final stage of making the M

  • 2021
    Distributions agreements.

    We made a strategic alliance with Intertoys, a company based in England, which covers the territories of Europe, Eastern Europe, Middle East. With asia pac toys; We cover Australia, Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia,… ..asia pacifco. Today we already have distributors in the USA, Canada, Mexico, UK, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Emirates, Israel, Australia, Philippines, Singapore… .and others are entering

  • 2021
    Start shipping.

    The first orders were taken for final shipment in September, now we are in production and will ship at the end of September